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• Play all music files: MP3 to high-res
• Compatible with Apple and Windows PCs, as well as iOS and Android devices (requires Apple Camera Adapter or Made for Android/OTG adaptor)
• Asynchronous Class 1 USB data transfer using the Streamlength™ protocol
• Fixed output feeds preamp or AV receiver

DragonFly Black

• Medium output (1.2 volts) drives a wide range of headphones
• 32-bit ESS 9010 DAC with minimum-phase fi lter
• Analog volume control

(Retail $99.00)

DragonFly Red

• High output (2.1 volts) drives almost all headphones, including
power-hungry models
• 32-bit ESS 9016 DAC with minimum-phase fi lter
• Bit-perfect digital volume control
(Retail $199.00)

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